Explore Up and Trending Instagram Worthy Bali Tour Experience

What is a Bali Tour without taking any Instagram-worthy pictures? No Way!
Make the most of your moments in Bali, take heavenly shots in these trending Bali Tour spots, these are our recommendations:

The Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Best shoot waterfall Kato Lampo Gianyar

First, after an avalanche hit the area around the Kanto Lampo river, the Kanto Lampo Waterfall was formed. This waterfall is located in Gianyar, Bali’s Kelod Kangin hamlet of Beng village. Even though it’s not the most well-known waterfall in Indonesia, this place makes for an excellent day excursion from Ubud. The waterfall is located 10 meters from the Kanto Lampo spring in this region, which is inside the jungle of Bali. The water that is now flowing over the stony cliff was formerly utilized to irrigate agricultural land. Although the cliff above was previously an irrigation channel, water now gushes over the cliff without end.

Lempuyang Temple, The Gate of Heaven

Lempuyang Temple is a Gate of Heaven

After visiting a waterfall, we move to one of the biggest and most significant Hindu temples on the island of Bali is The Lempuyang Temple. This temple sometimes referred to as Lempuyang Luhur Temple or Penaratan Agung Lempuyang Temple. Due to the tall gate’s direct view of Mount Agung, this shrine has gained popularity in Bali Tour since last year. The hashtag #gatesofheaven is what made this site popular on Instagram. More than 15,000 images capture the splendor of this majestic architechture.

Iconic Tegalalang Rice fields

Tegalalang Rice Field

After that, there is Tegalalang’s natural scenery has gained popularity as a Bali Tour and Travel destination. The visitor’s jaws will drop as they approach the hills that are adorned with rows of terraced rice fields. The rice fields are carefully organized into terraces. Visitors might find solace in the space between the plants and the sound of the water rushing. Photographers love this spot. If you take some pictures, you’ll get some lovely, energizing ones. From the top layer to the bottom layer, you can stroll among terraced rice fields.

Then, there is a swing location, another IG famous spot right in the heart of the rice terraces. You’ll have the pleasant breeze and the lush surroundings with you. On the other hand, there will be a lot of tourists lining up during peak season to experience swinging. So, be ready. You can go here in the off-season if you don’t want to stand in line.

The Traditionally Aesthetic Penglipuran Village

Penglipuran Village

The next recommendation is this village’s aesthetic appeal will delight your eyes and awe you right away. Even just taking in the traditional architecture, cobblestone streets, lush surroundings, and blatantly evident Balinese customs make this community an incredibly calming Bali Tour authentic destination.

Then, Penglipuran serves as evidence that tourism can coexist with tradition and a protected environment. This village is part of Kecamatan Bangli. You may travel there in one hour from Denpasar, which is 50 kilometers distant.

There for, a lot of the photo spots Instagram-worthy in this gorgeous village, while others were simply a natural part of the community. The villagers will be performing art shows, renting out Balinese costumes for photos, and offering food and beverages. We can also go into a few of their homes to see how they are inside. We can be taking as short or as long a visit as you choose. We can either be visiting, take pictures, and leave, or we can tour the bamboo forest, temple, and houses, taste the local cuisine, and more.

Lastly, Bali Tour with aesthetic Instagramable pictures to take is something to experience. Book yours, and make your next Bali Tour Instagram highlights up and trending!

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