Bali at Home: Feel at Ease with 5 Tips to A Homey Stay

Bali at home, is an essemtial feeling. If you’re going to Bali, it’s important to make sure that your rental place is comfortable and appealing. With these tips, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your stay—and get the most out of it!

Give yourself a break

You may be wondering: how can I relax when I’m busy? The answer is simple. Take time for yourself, and give yourself a break. If you’re feeling stressed out by your itinerary, take a deep breath and maybe just ease out a little. Staying inside a relaxing and comfortable villa with a lounge chair next to a private pool is one of the answers. 

Afternoon tea
Sari ALexa Villa : break time
Get comfy

It is important to have a comfortable space to stay in. A great night’s sleep is crucial to feeling refreshed in the morning. Bali at home is when you feel cozy and comfy where you are staying at. Being in a luxurious villa with a wonderful staff guarantees that you will get a pleasant homey feeling.

A good lounge chair, a clean pool, neat and pretty garden for the eyes.  

Stay active

Go for a walk.

Do yoga.

Take a bike ride.

Swim in the ocean or pool, if you’d like to get your body moving while relaxing on the couch (or wherever else).   * You can even try doing some laps around your own backyard!

Huge Master Bedroom
Sari Alexa Villa : Master Bedroom
Know your limits

If you’re traveling with a group of people, it’s important to be aware of your limits. You don’t want to burn yourself out on the first day and be forced to stay at the villa instead of exploring Bali until the end of your trip. So keep an eye on how much time and energy you have left for each activity, especially if it involves physical activity like hiking or swimming in the ocean.

If possible, try not to mix too many activities into one day—it can be tiring! Also, make sure that whatever activities are planned for tomorrow morning have enough rest days in between so as not to overdo things too quickly (or else this article will become meaningless).

Sari Alexa Villa : at Lempuyang Temple
Create a work station

Bali at home for the digital nomads or simply doing urgent work while traveling. You may need to create a workstation. If you need to have somewhere to do your work. While it may seem like an obvious suggestion, many people are surprised at how much they can accomplish without having a dedicated space for their projects. If you don’t have a desk in your bedroom or living room, try finding an area where there is enough space for all of the items that will be required for this task.

Large Private Pool Villa in Bali
Sari Alexa Seminyak: Large Private Pool Villa in Bali

Use these tips to feel at home in your Bali stay.

Give yourself a break.

Get comfy.

Stay active.

Know your limits and create a work station for the day so you can keep things organized and get some work done without having to stop every few minutes because of an achey body or sore feet from walking around all day long (or trying to avoid them).


We hope this article has helped you feel at home in Bali. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. We love hearing from our readers, as well

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