Villa Pool Bali, Best in Seminyak

Villa Pool Bali is best for a private luxury vacation in Seminyak

Seminyak, which is situated on the southern tip of Bali, is well-known for its stunning beaches with gray sand. Then, Seminyak also provides upscale shopping, fantastic dining options, and spectacular sunsets. Seminyak also offer villa pool Bali, and we have the very best offer: Sari Alexa Villa.

Pool Experience at Sari Alexa Villa

Villa pool Bali
Villa pool Bali at Sari Alexa Villa Seminyak

For a family looking to unwind and enjoy the peace and tranquility that a Bali villa like this offers, three bedrooms plus one kid’s room, two storeys is the perfect option. A magnificent tropical garden with trees and exquisite flowers surrounds the property.

Alongside the pool, a wooded trail passes through the grounds. In the solitude and comfort of their own villa, guests can have a leisurely swim. At one end of the pool, there is a pool deck with a lounge chair. This is ideal for those afternoon naps that you take after a morning of shopping in Seminyak.

Floating Breakfast

Breakfast in bed is such an old-fashion. Our new breakfast trend in Bali is the floating breakfast. A tropical trendy dining experience is the viral floating breakfast at the pool. Then, Instagram-worthy brekkie with a delightful taste. Yes, you can request a floating breakfast in Sari Alexa Villa. Be sure to ask, you also may include or exclude specific meals that you prefer. All in the luxury delights of our own private pool.

Villa Pool Bali: to swim or not to swim

Of course, the main priority is a good maintenance of the pool, with clean water and safety standard. To swim, or just to dip your feet to rest in tranquillity. Or to have a pool party or romantic floaty breakkie. The choice is yours. The options are all here, have a lovely vacation experience with our villa Bali pool at Sari Alexa villa.

So, see you at the pool, soon?

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